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Phoenix Physical Therapy takes a comprehensive approach to preventing and treating work-related injuries. We believe it is important to partner with employers and payers to understand their processes and needs. We can customize solutions to fit your employee population.Phoenix takes the time to train our clinicians on best practices for managing work-related injuries. We provide our clinicians with expert support to mitigate a myriad of challenges when caring for individuals with work-related injuries. This includes:

Quick Access and Authorization

We work with your employees to get them scheduled within 24-48 hours and manage authorization from the start of care to discharge to minimize unnecessary delays in care that can cause frustration.


Communication between the employee, employer, and healthcare team is a key component in managing work-related injuries successfully. Phoenix takes this seriously and works to customize communication based on employer preferences as well as communicating key information about the case including but not limited to cancels and no shows, progress notes prior to follow up visits, changes in status, discharge planning, and current work-related functional abilities.

Complexity Assessment

A multi-system assessment is performed to determine if an employee has underlying factors that may increase their risk of a delayed outcome or risk of chronicity/disability. Clinicians use an integrative proactive patient-centric approach to target modifiable risk factors that can include poor sleep hygiene, poor pain management, and psychosocial risk factors to reduce their negative impact.

Job Related and Functional Progression

Employee specific job-related activities and functional skills are assessed and integrated into the care plan from day one at an appropriate level. The goal is to safely progress employees back to their maximum potential after an injury without affecting other functions.

Efficient Care

Care is goal oriented and progressive to assist with a speedy recovery to the highest level of function in the least number of days and visits.

For Injury Prevention, we offer comprehensive employer-based services as well as clinic-based services. These include:

  • Job Analysis – Quantifying the essential physical demands of the job is the base of any injury prevention and management program.
  • Post-Offer Employment Testing – Don’t hire your next WC claim. Test all job candidates to ensure they are physically capable of the job before they start. If your employees are getting musculoskeletal injuries in the first year on the job, or you have high turnover you can cut the cost in half by implementing a quality legally defensible POET program.
  • Ergonomic Programs – We offer industrial and office ergonomic screens and comprehensive assessments depending on your needs. If you have trends for injuries in a specific job or department, an ergonomic assessment may be a good way to identify the root cause and find effective solutions to improve.
  • Early Symptom Intervention – Using OSHA approved first aid treatments, our trained clinicians educate employees on safer work and home behaviors and teach them to perform self-management techniques early before a complaint turns into an injury. These programs often have a 70-80% resolution rate with no ongoing care needs.
  • Job Coaching – Certified Phoenix Injury Prevention Specialists come onsite to assist with implementation of safety and ergonomic protocols for new hires, high risk areas and employees returning from injury to ensure a safe motivated workplace and reduced injuries.

Phoenix Physical Therapy takes pride in our workers’ comp partnerships, and we are dedicated to providing successful outcomes. Please reach out to us today if you would like to consult on customized injury management or prevention solutions for your team.

Worker’s Comp and Employer Solutions

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I had the pleasure of being offered a position as a facility director at the same clinic that I had once started as an aide, and 12 years later, I’m just as pleased with the company and their ideals of quality vs. quantity care. Phoenix also provides a generous yearly continuing education package as they are focused on all therapists advancing their skills in the field, and maintaining high standards for their employees. I would highly recommend working for Phoenix to any therapist, new or experienced.

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