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Thank you for choosing Phoenix Physical Therapy as your provider for physical therapy services.

In order for you to receive the maximum benefits from your rehabilitation, read on to learn
what you can expect at your first and recurring visits.


Phoenix prides itself on providing the best quality care even before you walk through our doors for your first appointment. Prior to your initial visit, please print and complete the new patient forms. Bringing these completed forms to your initial visit will allow more quality time for you to spend with our expert therapists so you can quickly get on the road to recovery. If you are not able to print and complete the forms noted, please plan to arrive at your first visit 15 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time where you can then complete the necessary information.


Additionally, during your initial visit, you will sit down with a physical/occupational therapist that will review your complete medical history and thoroughly examine you. When integrated into the patient’s therapy care, the initial evaluation becomes a safe and reliable means to accurately reach a diagnosis and only then make the appropriate treatment plan. Through close communication with the physician, each therapist at Phoenix works together with his or her patient to develop specific individual treatment programs. The therapist will design an individualized program of exercises and activities for your specific injury to promote the ability to move, reduce pain, restore function and prevent disability or further injury.

Not only will your diagnosis and treatment plan be explained in detail but you will also have the opportunity to ask any questions that you may have. You are encouraged to ask questions and/or bring a family member or friend to help you comprehend all that is discussed during your initial evaluation.


After you check-in at the front desk, your licensed therapist will begin to lead you through your therapy routine. Our healing process begins with a very personal, one-on-one approach. Each patient has one therapist who is dedicated to his or her case, from the very beginning all the way through recovery. We take this dedicated therapist approach because we know the importance of individualized care for successful rehabilitation. Providing individualized care allows the therapist to monitor your progress and modify our plan of care as needed throughout your recovery.

When all of our treatment goals have been achieved, our therapist will create a comprehensive transitional care exercise program tailored to your specific needs so you can keep yourself in good health and prevent future injuries.


What to wear – For each therapy visit, you want to wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing that will not restrict movement. We ask that you wear clothing that allows us to gain easy access to the injured part so that we can properly examine your injury.


At the end of your visit, you can schedule your follow-up appointments with our front office staff with times convenient to your schedule. We provide flexible hours to meet each patient’s needs. We have alternative and flexible appointment times available to accommodate work schedules, school schedules and patients with children. Please arrive on time for your appointments so we can stay on schedule and meet the needs of all our patients.


During your initial visit, your insurance and pertinent billing information will be gathered and the front office staff will give you a complete explanation of your benefits. It is an insurance requirement that co-pays are to be rendered at the time of service. We will bill all appropriate insurances and submit claim forms on your behalf. We realize patients’ concerns when it comes to reimbursement from their insurance company. That’s why at Phoenix, we contact your insurance carrier to find out exactly what your policy covers for your particular therapy service so you will know how much your insurance will pay for treatments and/or if you will incur any additional out-of-pocket expenses. Please note, however, our process of verifying coverage in no way guarantees payment for our services and it is ultimately your responsibility to know your insurance coverage limitations with regard to specific services. You will be held liable for the payment of services. If for any reason you are not able to provide payment at the time of service, our billing office (888) 644-PRHS is available to help you develop a reasonable plan for payment.

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I was impressed by the individual attention for my physical therapy, reduction in pain, and increased flexibility. I would recommend Phoenix for anyone needing physical therapy.