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Tips for a Fun (and Safe) Summer 

Things are heating up! Summer is almost here and that means many fun, outdoor activities.  Don’t head out until you check out some of the best summer safety tips out there, including why you should choose this color swimsuit for your child, the difference between heat stroke and heat exhaustion, and why you may want to put your hand on the sidewalk for seven seconds before taking your dog for a walk.  

  • Protect your skin from the sun. 
  • Keep your kids safe while swimming by selecting the right color swimsuit for easy visibility. Find out which colors to choose here.   
  • Stay fueled and cool by drinking plenty of H20. Learn more about proper hydration here. 
  • Take your workouts outdoors. Stay safe with these tips for working out in the heat. 
  • Don’t forget summer safety for your furry friends. Check out an easy tip to decide if the sidewalk is too hot for your dog’s paws here.