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Occupational therapists working with patients with breast cancer to provide a variety of therapeutic interventions. Phoenix’s Occupational Therapy breast cancer specialty services include:

  1. Education
  2. Range of Motion and instruction on techniques to reduce the risk of lymphedema (swelling).
  3. Some patients may develop cording, otherwise known as axillary web syndrome. A person may feel thick cord or cords (like a rope) under the skin in the armpit region that run down into arm.  These cords tend to be tight and painful. They can make it hard to lift arm, straighten the elbow or reach for items overhead. Therapy can help break down the taut cords via soft tissue massage and other techniques in order to restore range of motion and decrease pain.

At Atlantic Occupational Therapy, our therapists work closely with surgeons, medical oncologists and radiation oncologists in order to provide a comprehensive program. Our objective is to restore patients to their highest level of function.

I go to the Berwick office and all the staff are wonderful. They treat you like a friend. I would recommend anyone I know to go there.

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