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Age Gracefully with Physical Therapy

September is National Healthy Aging month. During September, this awareness month highlights the physical and mental health of older adults and serves as a reminder that as we age, our minds and bodies change with us. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is important to help prevent common age-related health problems.

Our highly trained therapists can identify a potential problem quickly. From there, they can modify your risk factors, improve mobility, and help you maintain independence. We offer individualized treatment programs that are tailored to you and your needs to help resolve acute and chronic pain issues, increase strength and mobility, or prevent falls, and more.

Here are a few examples of programs our expertly trained clinicians offer to help you age confidently and with less pain:

Vestibular Rehabilitation Program: Our team can improve your balance and confidence, enhance your mobility and safety, resolve dizzy spells/vertigo, reduce your fear of falling and improve your overall quality of life.

Bone Health Program: The options for people with osteoporosis include proven programs that provide a better sense of balance and coordination, increased physical fitness, reduced bone loss and a reduction in the risk of fractures caused by falls.

Arthritis Program: Our clinicians are trained to use the newest technology and cutting-edge techniques to quickly increase your range of motion and strength, improving overall function.

Occupational Therapy and Hand Rehabilitation: Some clinics offer extensive therapy for tendonitis, trauma, and fractures

To learn more about how we can help contact a location near you.