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Golf Injury Prevention Tips


Man watching ball after golf swing

Though golf may be considered a leisure sport, it can lead to injuries if you’re not careful.

More times than not, poor mechanics are to blame for a golf-related injury to the back, hand and wrist, elbow, and shoulder.

In this blog post, we’re offering three helpful tips to keep you injury-free during your next round.

Tips to Prevent Golf-Related Injuries

Warm up

Before you step onto the course, give yourself time to warm up. Stretch everything from your hands and wrists, to your shoulders and spine. Give yourself at least 10 minutes to warm up before you practice your first swing or start a round.

Strength training

You don’t need to follow a strenuous workout routine to see results on the golf course. But, you do need to make sure that you’re taking time to strengthen the muscles in your body. Stronger muscles can lead to less injuries because your body isn’t overcompensating for weak muscle groups.

Improve posture

Your mechanics can either be a help or hindrance to your game. That’s why improving your posture is important. If you feel like your mechanics could use a boost, enlist the help of a golf coach. Working with a professional will help you iron out the issues with your grip, posture, and stance to not only improve your swing but prevent injuries as well.

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