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Baseline Concussion Tests

Is your child involved in sports?

Now is a great time to have them take a Baseline Concussion Test

Our computerized concussion testing provides verbal, visual memory, reaction time and processing speed recorded prior to ever receiving a concussion.

After an athlete has received a diagnosis of a concussion, he or she is given the same cognitive test to compare to the one taken before the concussion. This gives a full picture of any effects the concussion has had on the brain and aids in treatment. Throughout recovery, the athlete is re-tested periodically until the test matches the original baseline test, indicating that he or she has fully recovered.

Testing takes about 25 minutes and can be performed at home or in the clinic. Your results are kept confidentially on file and are available to your physician at any time.

Baseline concussion testing is especially recommended for kids 11 years old and older who participate in sports that create higher-risk situations for concussions. It is recommended that children get tested every two years to keep up the effectiveness of the test. Each test is $15.

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