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Phoenix Physical Therapy is proud to offer Pilates Reformer Rehab. A relatively new form of therapy that has been very effective in treating patients with multiple diagnoses.

How is Pilates integrated into Physical Therapy?

Pilates reformer rehab is highly effective because it incorporates strength training along with flexibility training, but it also involves balance, kinesthetic awareness and efficient movement patterns. Pilates reformer can assist the patient with movement exercises at the beginning of their treatment and as they progress move to resistance therapies at different variances. The use of levers, springs, and props can also help to alternate the base of support.

Pilates reformers provide more flexibility than traditional gym equipment. Athletes that have used Pilates in their rehab report heightened body awareness, fewer injuries, enhanced coordination, improved flexibility and strength and rapid return to their sport.

The use of Pilates reformer rehab for back patients is effective as it helps eliminate the forces that are irritating the patient or peripheralizing their symptoms and works on core strengthening later in their rehab.

I have been employed by Phoenix for the past 17 years as a Facility Director. This career path has given me opportunities that I would not have seen with any other employer, to include advancement, continuing education and development of programs. Phoenix provides an efficient framework for operations, billing and compliance, but yet provides the opportunity to operate a clinic as if it were my own, but provides the stability and compliance that would be impossible if I were a sole proprietor.

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